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A healthy future starts here 
By Cor Bremmer (Major-Earth)

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Do you want to have a positive influence on better and sustainable production of flowers and food? Dutch companies are very often world market leaders in production and trade of seeds, young plants and tissue culture and are most innovative. The products we make are visible. You can taste them and see how they grow and enjoy your life. In the world of starting material we work on better products with better taste, more vitamins, beautiful flowers and better vase life or outdoor performance. In our industry we need people who want to breed new varieties, people for research, but also logistic and technical expertise are necessary. A lot of companies are family businesses. They are innovative, quick and work globally. Some are really big world players and are active also in other businesses. Our employees very often travel a lot all over the world or work for some years or for a longer period in Africa, Asia or America. Beekenkamp Plants is one of these companies. Cor will give examples from his own experience. We have plenty career options for you. We need you!
 Curriculum Vitae

Cor Bremmer (1967) acquired his Bachelor of Horticulture in 1988 at Agrarische Hogeschool Utrecht (now InHolland Delft). He started his career as technical commercial assistant at Shell Nederland Chemie BV. In 1991 he moved to the conifer nursery from his parents to make the company more professional. In 1993 Cor started as salesman for Deliflor, a daughter company from Beekenkamp and world largest breeder for chrysanthemum. In 2000 Cor moved to Florema Young Plants as manager Customer Service. Via Production Manager and Manager Operations he became director in 2006. In 2008 Beekenkamp Plants took over Florema. Cor became Commercial Director.



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